Food & Catering Equipment

Kitchens and canteens often require specialist equipment to cope with the unique conditions. It is important that products used in these areas can not only stand up to the demanding environment, but are also designed to be hygienic considering that they are to be used in an area preparing and handling food products. Here at G-Force we have put together a range of products ideally suited to use in kitchens, canteens and food production site.

Food Ingredients Bins

Our range of food ingredients bins have been designed specifically for food storage and easy dispensing of food ingredients, dry food stuffs or in fact any loose product, they are unlike your traditional wheelie bins. They are popular within food manufacturing plants thanks to their hygienic design and durable construction, which lends well to busy factories or food preparation areas.

We feature both table top ingredients bins and mobile food ingredients bins, all available in a range of sizes and colours to help with colour coding. Each food ingredient bin comes complete with a clear flip lid for easy access and identification of the bins contents. Our clever “boot shaped” table top food ingredients bins are designed to fill from the top and dispense from the bottom, providing a consistent turnover of food ingredients at all times.

Bottle Skips

Bottle skips, also known as bottle trolleys, are a familiar sight as they are typically used behind the bar in pubs for the collection of empty bottles, hence the name. They are perfect for this application thanks to the leak proof plastic construction, compact design and castors enabling easy manoeuvrability.

For these same reasons bottle skips are well suited for many of other applications around the kitchen, warehouse or factory. Our catering bins are designed for use in commercial kitchens. Bottle skips feature a hygienic design and have castors enabling them to be easily pushed around a site.

Bread Baskets & Confectionery Trays

We offer a number of bread baskets and bread trays that designed for use with food products. Our stack and nest distribution basket is often seen in supermarkets containing fresh produce. The baskets are designed to nest when empty which helps save space when not in use.

We also offer a selection of bread baskets, designed for distribution of bread and bakery products our bread baskets are available in a range of sizes. Our confectionary trays are popular with sites making, storing and distributing baked goods. They are a standard industry size and can be supplied with or without perforations.

Confectionery trays are especially popular with bakeries and are often used to transport products from the bakery to the store using the mobile racks. Our bakery racks are produced in hygienic stainless steel and are designed to hold the matching confectionery trays.

Stainless Steel Trolley

We offer a range of wire trolleys and stainless steel trolleys, all of which have a hygienic design, ideal for use in kitchen and catering applications. Our catering trolleys are supplied with either two or three shelves, perfect for transporting food products around or in and out of the kitchen or canteen. The trolleys are also available with two or three tiers. The wire mesh design is hygienic and easy to clean, making it appropriate for use in commercial kitchens or canteens.

Plastic Catering Shelving & Cold Room Shelving

It is vital that Catering Shelving in a food preparation environment is easy to clean and maintain. Our range of kitchen shelving includes a number of different hygienic shelving systems such as wire mesh shelving for providing storage in a food production environment. Our wire mesh shelving is great for kitchens thanks to its simple wire mesh design, which only requires low levels of maintenance and is a simple product to keep clean.

It is also good as cold room shelving or freezer shelving as the mesh design allows good ventilation around products. We also offer a range of plastic shelving units popular with food manufacturing sites thanks to it hygienic design and non-corrosive plastic construction.

Canteen Tables & Chairs

Our range of canteen tables and chairs offer a full range of inclusive canteen table and chair set ups. Each integrated unit is available in selection of sizes and colours. We offer set ups that seat from two to six people, with the option to push units together if a greater number of seats is required. Our canteen table and canteen chair set ups offer excellent value for money and will provide many years of use. We also stock a range of outside storage and facilities to complete the setup.

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