Plastic Stack Nest Container - 11051

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Euro Stack Nest Containers - Solid. Two tone, red and grey stack nest containers designed to save on space. These euro sized containers offer an ideal storage and handling solution and great value for money.

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Product Name Plastic Stack Nest Container - 11051
SKU 11051
External Dimensions 600 x 400 x 300mm (L x W x H)
Features Containers produced from food grade plastic; 180 degree stack and nest function saves space; Two tone colouring clearly shows stack and nest function; Trays are deal for general storage and transportation of product; Euro foot print designed to stack efficiently on pallets; Compatible with STDOL wheeled dolly;
Colour Red/grey (two tone)
Volume Capacity 50 litres
Dolly Code(s) RM90D

Commonly used throughout food production and pharmaceutical industries for storage and handling applications, these euro stack nest containers are produced from food grade plastic and have excellent hygienic properties. Easily cleaned and maintained the stack nest containers are designed to be reused and are ideal for a multitude of different environments, including hospitals, schools, kitchens, food manufacture and laboratories. The containers are able to be stacked on top of one another or nested inside each other when not in use. This stack and nest function is clearly denoted by the split two tone colouration of the container, showing how through 180 degree rotation the container can be stacked or nested.

The stack nest containers incorporate a euro sized footprint, allowing them to be easily and efficiently stacked onto pallets. This footprint makes the stack nest container perfect for transportation and distribution applications as well as making them compatible with our plastic stack nest dolly, SNDOL. The food grade plastic dolly allows for the stack nest containers to be effortlessly manoeuvred in large stacks.

Why buy Euro Stack Nest Containers - Solid?

  • Simple and easy to use – Clearly shown by their two-tone colouration, these stack nest containers are able to stack and nest. This function makes them ideal space saving containers.

  • Available from stock – Available from stock these containers offer a perfect storage and handling solution for many environments.

  • Stacks efficiently on pallets – Perfect for transport or distribution applications these stack nest containers have a euro size footprint. This footprint allows them to be efficiently stacked onto pallets helping to save on large amount of space during storage or transit.

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