IBC Spill Pallet - Overflow Tray - BB1D

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Bunded Spill IBC Pallet, designed for the safe and compliant storage of one 1000 Litre IBC container. Made from corrosion free plastic.

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Product Name IBC Spill Pallet - Overflow Tray - BB1D
External Dimensions 1950 x 1400 x 725mm (L x W x H)
Features Pallet suits standard IBC footprints; Large sump to contain spillages; Fork pockets for manoeuvring empty units; Corrosion resistant; 100% plastic construction; EC and UK compliant;
Colour Yellow.
Volume Capacity 1100 Litres.
Weight Capacity 1500kg

Our IBC bunded spill pallets are designed to store 1000 litre IBC containers, providing a large sump to collect any spillages. Manufactured from corrosion resistant plastic our bund pallets can be used with most liquids and chemicals. To suit different applications we offer IBC bund pallets with or without additional dispense catchment trays. The large sump offers sufficient capacity to contain any spillages. Our IBC pallets are EC and UK compliant offering essential protection from disruptive and potentially costly spillages.

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