Line Marking Paint - Applicator

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Proline Line Marking Paint Applicator, developed for rapid and effortless marking of indoor and outdoor areas. Fast drying paint that adheres to most surfaces, Proline paint markings are highly visible and are abrasion and chemical resitant. Simply shake can of Proline paint, insert into applicator and apply. Applicators available in single or double can sizes and also as a hand held applicator.

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Product Name Line Marking Paint - Applicator
Features Environmentally friendly; Fast drying, usually within minutes; Long lasting, durable and cost effective; One 750ml can produces 50mm wide line 50-90m long; Adheres to most surfaces, concrete, asphalt, tarmac etc.; Simply used with applicators, shake can, insert and apply; Single or double can applicators available; Handheld applicator also available
Pack Size 1 x Applicator for Proline marking paint.

Long lasting, durable and cost effective paint for use with our range of Line Marking Paint Applicators. Dependant on the surface just one 750ml can will produce a 50mm wide line 50 to 90m long. The paint adheres to most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, tarmac, metal, tiles etc. All Proline paints are fast drying, usually within minutes and markings are highly visible and are both abrasion and chemical resistant. Our Proline paint applicators are available in a single can version, producing 50 to 75mm line width, or as a double can version, ideal for road ways producing 100 to 135mm line widths. A handheld applicator is also available.

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