Bread Basket - Standard

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Bread Basket - Standard. Typically used for the distribution of bread, confectionaries and produce the standard sized bread basket is a popular stack and nest container within the food manufacturing industry.

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Product Name Bread Basket - Standard
External Dimensions 762 x 508 x 216mm (L x W x H)
Features Hard wearing plastic construction; Ideal for distribution with stack/nest space saving function; Baskets originally designed for the transportation of bread;
Colour Grey
Volume Capacity 65 litres

Originally designed for the transportation of bread these hard wearing plastic baskets are widely used in the distribution of bread, produce and confectionary products. The basket incorporates a pair of bale arms to allow the baskets to stack on top of one another when they are in use. These built in bale arms also fold away to allow the basket to nest within each other when they are empty, helping to save huge amounts of storage space.

The bread baskets are constructed from a hard wearing and durable plastic, helping them to withstand the constant rigors of distribution, storage and transportation whilst remaining light enough to be easily handled. The bread baskets design allows for sufficient airflow throughout and its open front makes its contents easily accessible. All in all these distribution baskets lend themselves well to the storage of a host of different items.

Why buy Bread Basket- Standard?

  • Robust plastic – These bread distribution baskets are produced using a tough plastic, well designed for coping with the demands of storage and distribution, they can be used time and time again.

  • Host of applications – Even though originally designed for the distribution of bread these baskets are adaptable to be used for many different items including confectionary and produce.

  • Volume discounts – If you’re purchasing in bulk make sure you call us today for a quotation to see how much you could save.

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