It has been scientifically proven that if the space you are currently living in is tidy, then your mind will be more at ease. This does not just work for your homes and offices but must also be true for your fleet vehicles. Workers spend a huge amount of time in these vehicles, going from job to job and maybe have what some may call an organised mess in the back.                                                

Let’s be honest, a mess is still a mess even if it is an organised one. It will cause stress, time-wasting and maybe some anger if you cannot quickly find what you need when you are in a rush. So why not look at your storage and organisation options and create a pleasant working environment?


We are approached every day by various customers regarding storage for their fleet. Whether it be a car, van, lorry, ship, or plane, so we thought to ourselves it would be a great idea to share our products that work best for you all.


Talking to our customers and asking about their requirements, we can work out together how best to use the space they have available in their vehicle. We look at their equipment, their specific needs and how robust these storage solutions need to be, and then supply the perfect match. 


Below we have selected a few products to get you started and which we have found many of our customers have chosen.


First let us introduce you to our attached lid container range. Available in various sizes, colours, and lid options. These containers are perfect for any storage compartment, they are extremely durable, and they can stack on top and when empty stack inside each other.









You can find our selection on the link below;

Attached lid containers and TOTE Boxes


Next up would be our bale arm containers. You may have seen these in a supermarket lugging around the fruit and veg. Well, this is just one use, these units are perfect if you have equipment that needs to be carried in and out of different properties. Made from robust plastic material, in a range of colours and stackable these would be a perfect addition to any fleet.



Please click here for our Bale Arm Range


Another popular option would be the euro stacking container. We are told no matter how they are used, even holding tough equipment, they stand their ground and look smart while doing so. We have a huge range of different sizes, colours, and styles available; you will easily be able to find the one that suits you.



Click here to see the range


At G-Force Europe we pride ourselves on the quality of all our storage and material handling products.


To get in contact with our team today please call 01933 224392 or email [email protected]