These days, space is one of the increasing problems faced by people. Be it your home or workplace, organising the available space appropriately greatly helps in maximising its usage. Proper organisation of your storage system saves both space and time.

Especially, in places like warehouses, workshops, factories and retail stores, it is crucial to make appropriate utilisation of the available space.

Storage containers could be the perfect solution to your storage requirement.  The question is, with so many types to choose between, which one is most suitable for your application? 

Well, generally speaking, there are a number of storage containers which can be incorporated in the management of your space that can solve storage problems, below, we have provided a list of storage containers to help you choose the ideal solution for your storage needs:-

Types of Storage Containers

Storage containers provide a huge choice of options to suit any application. From plastic trays and bins to tanks and plastic pallet boxes, there is a diverse range of storage solutions for any organisation. With the right storage and trucks and trolleys, you can keep your site running smoothly and stay away for the clutter.

Euro Stacking Containers

Euro stacking containers are sturdy containers that have solid or perforated sides and bases. The “Euro” size was originally developed to ensure containers efficiently stack on pallets but has gone on to become an industry standard, now widely used across the UK.

All the euro containers are stackable with each other and therefore are called stackable heavy duty boxes. You can also get plastic or steel dollies, plastic pallets and storage systems to effectively store and transport the containers when required. These storage containers are ideal for logistics and business that require frequent transportation of products.

Stack & Nest Containers

Stack and nest containers are plastic containers, trays and plastic bread baskets that are designed to stack when in use and nest together to save space when they are empty. Stack and nest containers are therefore an amazing space saver, a great option for compact spaces or for distribution where valuable space can be saved on return journeys. These stack nest containers and baskets are perfect for retail, production, logistics and warehouse applications.

Tote Boxes

Tote boxes have an integrated attached lid. The two-part hinged lids meet in the middle enabling the tote boxes to be stacked up with the lids closed. When empty the lid can be left open allowing the boxes to efficiently nest together to save space.

The sturdy nature of the tote boxes makes them ideal for transportation and general storage in all environments. These plastic tote boxes are available in a wide choice of sizes and colours to match your office or home decoration.

Plastic Storage Cabinets

These are tough indoor plastic storage cabinets that are designed to hold a range of products with ease. Offering a range of sizes and customisations, it can be tailored to your preference giving you the product that is just for you.

Plastic storage drawers can be used for office use, home or just to store kids’ toys and clothes.

Clear Plastic Storage Boxes

Clear plastic storage boxes are a range of lightweight plastic boxes suited to general purpose storage. These low-cost boxes are transparent for easy identification of contents and supplied complete with lids. A low-cost option, these boxes are ideal for less demanding storage applications.

These clear plastic storage boxes have handles either side allowing you to move goods easily.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets offer solutions for different load weights and applications. The lightweight export pallets are meant for single use, typically for exporting palletised freight when wooden pallets cannot be used. They can also be used as a basic internal storage pallet to keep items off the floor and allow easy handling on a pallet truck or forklift.

You can get medium duty and heavy duty pallets designed for internal use and compatible with pallet racking systems. Choose from either an open perforated deck or an enclosed solid deck, typically used where ease of cleaning and hygiene is an issue.

Usually, when things are not stored appropriately, a lot of time is wasted searching for them and in some extreme cases can pose a very real health and safety risk.

However, with storage containers, storage, organisation and distribution of different items become much easier, providing an organised and hassle free workplace. They can even double up your available space.

So, if you want to eliminate the storage problems in your workplace, look no further than G Force.  In no time, you will realise that these simple storages boxes will remarkably solve all your storage problems, without you even breaking a sweat.