So what’s the difference between stackable storage bins and plastic tapered tubs?

Before I go getting into the nitty gritty differences between these two amazing ranges of storage containers, firstly I am going to discuss the similarities between the plastic stacking bins and the range of tapered tubs. As the manufacturers of both of our fabulous varieties of plastic bins we are the ideal source for information to help you decide which best provides a solution for your application.

At our Wellingborough based, UK manufacturing facility we produce both types of plastic bins via a rotational moulding process. This slow roto-moulding process produces a food grade plastic that is nigh unbreakable, smooth and seamless. Both the plastic stacking bins and the tapered bins are produced by the exact same rotational moulding process and so they share these characteristics. Seamless and watertight the plastic tubs are incredibly easy to clean. They incorporate no awkward to clean dirt traps or crevices, which makes the stacking bins a very hygienic solution perfect for applications within hospitals, food manufacturing and other hygiene sensitive environments.


Their hygienic traits and the fact that they are produced from a certified food grade plastic makes both the stacking bins and the tapered tubs perfect for ingredient storage and handling. Ideal for use as ingredient bins they are available in a huge array of colours, helping to prevent cross contamination between products and departments. The food bins colour range also allows you to implement colour coded practices helping you to identify and segregate the products easier and more efficiently. The plastic stacking bins are available with matching coloured plastic lids, as are the tapered bins too.

To top off the similarities we also have a selection of plastic dollies and steel dollies to suit the two different ranges as well. The stackable storage bins are designed to all suit the RMSBD dolly, and the tapered bins are suitable for the RM5Dsteel dollies, including the RM5B up to the RM35B.

So that just about covers the similarities between the two. Both of the stacking bins and the tapered tubs are incredibly strong and well suited for industrial use. They’re easy to clean and are available in a multitude of colours, and the plastic stacking bins are available with plastic dollies to suit whereas the tapered bins can be handled on a selection of steel dollies.

So what splits these two fantastically designed and high quality plastic bins apart from one another?

Stackable storage bins

  • AC01 – 18 Litre capacity ingredient bins

  • AC02 – 31 litre capacity stacking bins

  • AC03 – 46 litre capacity food bins

  • AC04 – 73 litre capacity plastic stacking bins

Each and every size of the stacking bins range shares the same identical 425mm base diameter. This shared base measurement enables the plastic stacking bins to inter-work with one another, so it doesn’t matter which size of stackable storage bins you are using, they can be inter-stacked with any of the other sizes available, including the plastic dollies! So whatever you are storing within them, the stacking bins can be easily stacked and stored away when not in use and also when needing to manoeuvre them about the workplace the plastic stacking tubs can be simply stacked onto one of our plastic dollies, the RMSBD.


Tapered Bins

  • RM5B – 23 litre tapered bins

  • RM10B – 45 litre capacity tapered tubs

  • RM15B – 68 litre capacity plastic bins

  • RM20B – ingredient bins with 90 litre capacity

  • RM25B – plastic tapered bins with 114 litre capacity

  • RM35B – 130 litre capacity ingredient storage

The G-Force Europe range of tapered bins spans from the RM5B with a capacity of 23 litres all the way to the massive 130 litre capacity RM35B. These plastic bins are tapered. This means that they are designed to sit inside one another when not in use, helping the tapered bins to save on huge amounts of storage space when not required. So if you are running low on space to store you ingredient storage equipment, then these are the plastic tubs for you.