From grit bins to salt spreaders, mobile container trucks to roll containers, don’t get snowed under this Christmas. How can we help? Read on to find out.


It seems that Sunday’s snowfall has been the hot topic at the start of the week. The country sparkled majestically as paths and roads, rooftops and gardens glistened with fluffy white snow. Doesn’t sound too bad when you put it like that now does it? Unfortunately reality saw the country grind to a halt. Cars being abandoned, traffic accidents galore and business and school closures come Monday.

Here at G-Force we can’t change the weather, but we can help you prepare yourselves for when the winter weather takes hold. Supplying a range of winter essentials such as Grit Bins, snow shovels, salt spreaders and ploughs we aim to help you keep your business or home on the move, even after Jack Frost has paid you a visit.

Grit Binsnow shovel

Salt and Grit both help to clear ice but also help to prevent the formation of it too. As snow or ice melts it turns to water. If this water is left, in these freezing temperatures more ice simply forms, however with the addition of salt or grit this is less likely. Adding salt helps to create a salt solution, which freezes at a much lower temperature, so it stops ice forming and causes existing ice or snow to melt.

white saltrock salt

We don’t just specialise in winter equipment though. G-Force provides a one-stop shop for a huge range of high quality industrial equipment, so once you’ve gritted your walkways and car parks with salt or grit from your Supertuff Grit Bin you can concentrate on kitting your business out.

If you’re desperate for some mobile storage that is reliable and long lasting then we have a fine variety of choices for you.

Take our mobile container truck and trolley range for example. Manufactured in the UK, this range of plastic mobile storage containers can be found in use throughout a multitude of different industries. Perfect for ferrying goods, products, waste or raw materials around the factory, warehouse, laundry or shop floor to name a few, they offer a tough and reliable solution. The plastic tank itself is produced from a single one-piece mould, ensuring that it is water-tight and seamless, this also makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain!

RM50TR roll container

Alongside our collection of mobile container trucks we also supply a number of steel roll containers. Available in a range of models with different numbers of sides, you can make sure you are getting a roll cage fit for purpose. So, whether you require demountable roll cages or ones capable of nesting we have a huge range of different sizes to choose from, perfect of transportation and distribution of goods and materials.