More than just plastic mobile container trucks, these high quality plastic mobile bins have become part and parcel for many industries. But why?

Let’s begin with how these exemplary pieces of mobile handling equipment are produced. We manufacture the mobile container trucks ourselves in our UK factory. Each and every one of them, from the RM16TR to the RM70TR and RM100TR plastic mobile bins are all made to an impeccably high standard, offering you the very best quality. We mould the plastic using a process called rotational moulding. Basically the material is placed into a steel mould, which is then cooked in an industrial oven. Whilst cooking the mould is constantly rotated, to ensure that the material, once liquefied spreads out to each and every orifice taking on the form of the mobile container truck. Exciting?


Once cooked the mould is taken out of the oven and cooled, whilst still being rotated. Then once cooled it is trimmed to perfection, the castors are added and the product, such as the RM70TR is quality checked to make sure it meet our high standards. So why are these mobile container trucks so popular, and why are the RM70TR and the RM100TR paving the way for many industries, such as the retail, textiles and pharmaceuticals?

Well, let’s begin with a few examples of the common uses for the RM70TR and RM100TR mobile containers trucks. The RM70TR has a capacity of 320 litres and its larger companion, the RM100TR, has one of 455 litres, so they offer a large amount of potential storage. The difference between these two models of mobile container trucks that sets them apart from most of the other models, is their reinforced plastic baseboard, which helps them carry heavier loads and remain structurally strong.

Within the food manufacturing industry the RM70TR is commonly used as a dough bin. Produced from food grade plastic and incredibly hygienic, the RM70TR is perfect for filling with food ingredients. Operators often fill the plastic mobile dough bins with bulk amounts of dough mixture, leaving it to aerate and rise in plenty of space. The textiles and laundry industries are using the RM70TR and the RM100TR as ideal laundry trolleys. Made from nigh unbreakable plastic the RM100TR and its slightly smaller partner, offer hard wearing laundry trolleys that on an industrial scale can be used to ferry items of laundry about demanding factory floors. The RM70TR is also used for transporting bolts of cloth within the textiles industry, its lengthy dimensions making it extremely well suited.

Within general industry and pharmaceuticals the crevice free, easily cleaned and hygienic natures of the RM70TR makes them perfect for a host of different applications. Whether you are filling the mobile container trucks with products like a vat for mixing, or using to store or transport them about the business the RM100TR and the RM70TR offer a multitude of solutions. Waste management and recycling is another frequent user of these amazing plastic mobile bins.

So now you get the general gist of the why the RM70TR makes for such an ideal dough bin within food manufacturing, and why the RM100TR is a fantastic laundry trolley within the textiles and laundry industries, but let’s drive home some of their other amazing attributes.

Colour coding –

The RM70TR and the rest of the range of mobile container trucks are all available in a wealth of different colours, almost any colour you could possibly want. This huge pool of colour options allows you to implement them into colour coded practices, a fantastic trait for the likes of pharmaceutical and food manufacturing applications.

Recycled versions –

The RM100TR and the RM70TR are both available in recycled plastic options as well as the virgin food grade polyethylene. Whilst this makes the mobile container trucks not suitable for food contact applications, it does ensure that all of their other attributes can be put to use whilst saving you money. Available in black the eco plastic mobile bins are just as structurally strong and offer the identical storage and handling potential as their virgin material counterparts.


So whether you are looking to use the RM70TR for ingredient storage or as a dough bin, for storing or mixing pharmaceutical products, general industry storage or you require large laundry trolleys for transporting mass amounts of laundry items, these mobile container trucks are exactly what you have been looking for. I mean, there has to be a reason why the food manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, catering, laundry and textile industry are scooping them up right?

So if you’re needing robust, hygienic and reliable mobile storage, for any application, think of the RM70TR and RM100TR first.