At G-Force Europe, we pride ourselves on what we can do to help the environment. As a UK manufacturer we try do everything we can possibly do in order to keep any scrap material to a minimum.

As you may have seen, we sell environmentally friendly recycled plastic options for many of our own manufactured products, such as our mobile container truck range for example.



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The way in which we help as much as we can is by re-using the off-cut material from our ‘virgin’ first grade plastic products.



How do we do this?


All of our manufactured products are rotationally moulded and hand trimmed to produce the best quality item. This process does leave us some plastic off-cuts and scrap material. We then put the off-cut material through our granulator process, cutting the waste plastic down to small trimmings. After this stage we then have the plastic reformed into re-usable plastic granules ready for use again to create our recycled plastic products.  





We do everything we can to help and assist with the current climate and environmental issues.



Please have a look at our about us page which explains more and visit our website to see our recycled product ranges and our recycling products to help you and your workplace also do your bit.





G-Force Europe are a UK manufacturer who ensure that they provide the best customer service and highest quality for all our storage and material handling products.


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