No matter the industry, the Supertuff plastic lockers are equipped to suit your desires for reliable and secure storage. Plastic storage lockers are exactly what you are looking for, but why?

It’s Valentines and one thing you are sure to fall head over heels for, is the Supertuff plastic locker. Designed and developed to provide secure, hygienic, easy to clean, reliable, weather resistant and incredibly versatile plastic lockers for any type of industry. Whether you are searching for gym lockers, school lockers, sports lockers, personnel lockers or workplace lockers, let cupids arrow lead you to G-force and the Supertuff plastic lockers.

Plastic Lockers Range

Our plastic storage lockers offer a wide variety of advantages, pipping the common steel locker alternative in every manner. To find out about the plastic storage lockers amazing attributes and how the plastic lockers will benefit a workplace or business such as your own, continue reading…

School lockers

The Supertuff plastic lockers line many hall ways up and down the country, providing schools or varying levels of education with exemplary storage for pupils and staff alike. Available in 3 different sizes, our school lockers can cater for primary, secondary and further education, such as universities and colleges. Each of the three sizes inter-work with one another, so you can arrange and combine them as you see fit. Perfect for use as school lockers, the ability to arrange the plastic lockers in any combination helps a great deal when space is of a premium, for example in a classroom or a narrow corridor. Every size of the plastic storage lockers can be supplied in a huge variety of colours, helping you to stick to the school’s colour scheme. The school lockers are manufactured in incredibly strong plastic, nigh unbreakable, so they will not dent or break (meaning no regular replacements!), perfect for higher levels of education. The Supertuff plastic lockers can be supplied with key locks, coin return locks or swivel catch locks to suit any age group, as we well know younger children are more likely to lose keys! Plastic sloping tops can also be fitted to the school lockers to prevent any build-up of rubbish on the top of the plastic lockers.

Workplace lockers

Supertuff by name, Supertuff by nature. Our plastic lockers are designed to be long lasting and durable. The plastic workplace lockers can be stored indoors as well as outside, able to cope under the harshest of weather conditions. Produced solely from durable plastic, the workplace lockers will not rust or corrode, they will not dent or break and are nearly impossible to break into, thanks to their ingenious locking mechanism. Providing businesses from any industry with suitable plastic storage lockers for storing personnel belongings, tools, clothing or equipment, the Supertuff plastic lockers require little maintenance and can be easily cleaned. G-Force offer free site surveys and no obligation quotations, helping you to equip your business with the ideal workplace lockers for you.

Hygienic lockers and easy to clean lockers

Produced from food grade certified polyethylene plastic our plastic lockers are incredibly hygienic and offer an easily cleanable solution. Perfect for high risk areas, or hygiene sensitive environments within a business, these hygienic lockers can be quickly and easily wiped or washed down. Ideal for the likes of food processing facilities, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, food manufacturing plants and much more, our easy to clean lockers can be raised up off the floor with stainless steel or steel stands and can also be equipped with plastic sloping tops, preventing build-up of litter on top of the plastic lockers. Each of the 3 sizes that the Supertuff plastic lockers are available in can be colour coded to suit high risk environments.

Sports lockers and gym lockers

Perfect for swimming pools, gyms, leisure centres and hotels and spas. Our plastic gym lockers are ideal for changing rooms within leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools. With a complete plastic construction, the sports lockers will not rust or corrode and so are perfectly fine to get wet. The plastic does not retain odours and can be easily cleaned. Nigh unbreakable, the plastic storage lockers will not dent or break, they can certainly take a beating, and are incredibly secure, ensuring personnel belongings are kept safe.

LK01 Small Plastic LockersLK03 Plastic Lockers

So, no matter what industry you work in, whether its education, farming, sports and leisure, food manufacturing, catering, pharmaceuticals etc… you can be sure that the Supertuff plastic lockers will suit your intended application and offer a long lasting, reliable storage solution.