Providing a storage and handling solution for global use, G-Force offer the Euro stackable Uni Box range.


An inter-workable, hygienic range of Euro stacking containers, the Uni box is well suited for use within a plethora of environments, no more so than within the food manufacturing and meat processing industries. Specifically designed to be used within the meat industry as meat trays, these plastic stacking boxes are produced using a food grade polypropylene plastic and are extremely easy to clean due to their smooth, rounded interior and exterior. A popular choice for food production environments such as butchers and food processing plants, the Uni Box range of Euro sized plastic stacking containers are ideal for both handling and distribution of products.

RM903 Uni Box Euro Stacking ContainerRM905 Uni Box Euro Stacking Container

Available in four different sizes, including the RM903, RM904, RM905 and RM906 models, these incredibly hygienicstacking trays provide the meat and food manufacturing industry with an exemplary means of storing and handling food products and ingredients. Each of the Uni Box plastic storage boxes carries a Euro-sized footprint that not only makes them ideal for distribution applications as they are compatible with Euro plastic pallets, but also allows them to inter-work and inter-stack with each other, saving a lot of space. Perfect for when storage space is at a premium.

Commonly used as meat trays or fish crates, the Uni Box hygienic stacking trays are available in red, blue and white to help with product colour coding. Produced from food grade plastic the meat crates are ideal for high care environments, within food manufacturing and food preparation areas. Their smooth crevice free interior enables them to be easily cleaned and the polypropylene plastic is highly durable, perfect for industrial applications.

Aiding with product identification and product separation, the Uni Box stacking boxes can be modified with individual tag slots. We also offer a printing and labelling service to produce bespoke labels for product identification and printing on the sides or ends of the euro stacking containers, allowing product or company information to be displayed. Each of the models of plastic stacking containers can be supplied with lids to suit, providing protection and cover to their contents during storage or distribution.

RM904 Plastic Meat TraysRM91DY Plastic Dollies

G-Force manufacture a plastic dolly to suit these meat trays and fish crates. The RM91DY is compatible with all four sizes of the plastic stacking trays, helping to manoeuvre one or more stacks (two stacks of the RM903) of the Euro sized stacking boxes safely and securely about challenging environments, such as food factories. The RM91DY plastic dollies are produced using food grade polyethylene plastic and can be supplied in a wide variety of different colours to also adhere to colour coding practices, and they incorporate an open base that is easily cleaned and very hygienic.

So for a Euro-sized hygienic inter-stacking plastic container, meat processing tray or fish crate, look no further than the Uni Box from G-Force