At G-Force Europe we always look to manufacture unique and multi-functional products, whilst keeping a strong focus on durability and safety.


We designed our CUBE range to replace the standard chairs in classrooms, yards and outside spaces. Available in three sizes and in all colours of the rainbow, they will most definitely be an attractive feature within any space.



The CUBES are safe, hardwearing, easy to clean and able to be used inside and outdoors. 


Please click here to see the CUBE2 (medium)          CUBE3 (Large)                                 


We had the pleasure of helping Beaconsfield High School with a very special outside project;


The Head Teacher’s feedback;


“G-Force Force cubes were bought to be part of a memorial garden for one of our remarkable students who lost their life to cancer.  She loved rainbows and the lightweight but sturdy cubes have been amazing.  They allow students to build structures, make small groups of ‘chatting communities’ and to feel positive about the garden.  They have provided a perception of fun and hark back to pleasant time when student were in primary school and enjoyed a far more colourful life in school than is generally had in secondary schools.  The cubes are weathering well and are easily cleaned.  I am happy to offer anyone the opportunity to come and see the fabulous visual impact and how they are used by the students.  G-Force Europe were the only company who had such a product and their service has been excellent.”



Thank you Beaconsfield High for letting us be a part of this and we must say the area looks wonderful!


If you have an area or a classroom you wish to introduce with alternative safe seating environment, please contact us today.

At G-Force Europe we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, many of which are perfect for the educational sector.

Our Education range covers lots of everyday equipment needs. Our educational product range includes indoor lockers and outdoorlockers, seating cubes, classroom, facility and canteen equipment. 


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