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laundry trolley in laundry

One sector we continue to work with on a regular basis is laundry, with many of our products being used by laundries or commercial premises for the collection and sorting of laundry items.  So to keep us up to date with the this fast moving area we carried out a recent review of our range of laundry trolleys and carts, with the decision was made to add a new range of trolleys.  The new laundry trolleys are designed for use in commercial premises, such as hotels, care homes and hospitals.  The benefit of the new laundry trolleys is that they feature multiple colour coded bags, enabling the segregation of different types of laundry.  This is important in care homes and healthcare where it is required that dirty linen is kept separate from infected or soiled linen.  Our new trolleys provide a means of doing this from point of collection, containing the items in separate bags with lids.  Using different coloured bags is considered the easiest way to separate off different types of laundry, easily recognisable for all staff.  Our new range of trolleys is available with between 1 and 4 bags, all of which are colour coded and supplied complete with lids.

                                                                    Laundry trolley 3 colour coded bags

Our ever popular rigid container trucks are also available in a range of colours, again assisting with segregation. They remain popular for use within laundries and for collection of laundry items, thanks to their robust nature and smooth “snag free” design.  We offer a range of 7 different sizes all of which are fitted with castors for easy handling around a busy laundry.  The simple design of the containers means they are easy to fill whilst allowing easy access for operators to reach in and remove items as required.  

Mobile container trucks with handlesThe smooth plastic moulding is very easy to clean, with no maintenance required.  The castors are attached using inserts that are moulded into the bottom of each tank, this avoids the problem of fixings protruding through the base and potentially snagging delicate textiles.  To aid with handling, we now also offer a plastic handle that can be fitted to the container.  This gives users an improved operating position, reducing the need to bend of stoop.  These mobile containers are ideal for use at commercial laundries or for collection of laundry items within places like hotels, care homes and hospitals.

Roll cages or roll pallets remain a very practical and popular way of transporting linen to and from the laundry.  We offer a wide range of steel roll cages, with different sizes and styles to choose from.  Roll cages are the perfect choice for laundry distribution, designed specifically for distribution applications they can withstand the demands that come with frequent use.  The cages are also designed to nest, so that when empty they can be packed together saving valuable space for return journeys or storage. 

Take a closer look at our range of laundry trolleys; we will be happy to help in any way we can to ensure you get the right product for your application.