Climbing the step ladder to success. Whether you’re a needing dock steps or a kick step stool to reach your goals, have you seen what we have to offer?


With a new year comes new targets, new aspirations and of course new costs. G-Force always offers high quality goods at affordable prices, aiming to help you keep your business running smoothly whilst adhering to all of regulations out there that we all must follow. One of our product ranges can certainly help you ‘kick step’ your year to success.

Kss01 x 3

Proceeding in height order, we offer a range of kick step stools, safety steps and foldable step stools to help you reach those just out of arm’s length areas. Whether it’s steel or plastic the commonly placed kick step stool can be seen throughout a huge range of industrial and retail environments. Designed to be highly manoeuvrable the KSS01 kick step stool is often seen within shops and supermarkets offering a safe way to reach high up shelving. The kick step has 3 integrated spring loaded castors that allow it to be moved around easily, but once the stool is stepped on, these disengage to offer a safe and secure means of working at a height.

Produced in our very own factory the STSS01 heavy duty plastic safety step is an outstanding solution for working a low heights. The safety step is produced from a hard wearing and near unbreakable plastic and is well suited for a host of industrial environments including factories, warehouses and oil rigs. Also, being easy to clean and of food grade certified material, the step offers itself ideally to food production facilities, hospitals and schools, the list is endless. The heavy duty safety step consists of stable two-step construction with a large platform and can be fitted with rubber feet if required, enabling it to be used on shiny or slippery surfaces also. The STSS01 offers amazing value and premium quality and is also available in a massive variety of colours.

STSS01 x 4Figuratively taking a step up G-Force Europe also provides a number of mobile step units’ perfect of warehouse, factory and storage facility applications. We have our WAS2wheel along step units that are available in three different sizes, a number of colours and are easily manoeuvred about the business by simply tipping them and wheeling them along. Alongside these are the CSS2 which are the more commonly known classic mobile safety steps. Produced from hard wearing steel, these safety steps span up to a five tread and are amazingly easy to handle and use. With wheels that disengage once the user steps onto the step unit and safety hand rails down the sides, the CSS2 is a perfect way for accessing hard to reach areas and are well designed for coping with the rigors of industrial environments.

CSS02ASBL6“I am just after a basic step ladder that meets the current safety requirements” we hear you say. Well we have just the range for you. Whether it’s a folding step ladder, a swing back ladder or a platform ladder G-Force has a selection of aluminium and fibre glass ladders to suit a multitude of applications. Adhering to British standard certifications such as BS2037 class 1 you can rest assured that you are purchasing a high quality safety step ladder ideal for industrial and commercial application.