Health & Safety in the Warehouse

When it comes to health and safety in your warehouse, racking and box stacking systems play a vital role.

When products or items are stacked improperly, they pose a risk of being unstable and can topple anytime, possibly causing serious injuries to the employees or staff working in your warehouse.

Having shelves and box racking systems in your warehouse will not only ensure that your products are safe, but the organised products will also keep your employees secured from any possible injuries.

It also ensures that the warehouse stays organised and is hygienic, assuring sound health and safety of your employees and any visitors to the warehouse.

It is so crucial to ensure that your shelves and racking system are installed in your warehouse and maintained properly.

To adhere to the health and safety regulations, ensure that your shelving gets installed professionally from the outset and that you choose the right products for your specific warehouse needs.


Safety with Shelving and Box Racking

Safety checks are standard for most industrial and warehouse companies that make use of racking and shelving solutions. This not only brings any safety issues to light in advance but it also ensures compliance with safety regulations. This eventually reduces the chances of possible damages and injuries.


Choose a Sturdy Shelving and Racking System

One important aspect of warehouse safety is to have the right support for your shelves. You need a strong, long-lasting design to be able to maintain your products effectively. Accidents and injuries can be prevented by choosing the right solution from the beginning and maintaining it on a regular basis.


Consider How to Keep Organised

Consider how the items on your shelves will be stored and picked, as this will make a difference in the layout of your warehouse. For efficient packing, put the heavier loads on the lower shelves, while lighter items can be stacked up higher. You need to provide sufficient space for forklifts to move freely in between shelves, especially when it comes to retrieving heavier loads.


Ensure Racks Are Not Exposed To Moisture or Dampness

You need to ensure that racks are not overly exposed to any moisture or dampness, or any other element that may hinder the strength on your industrial racking. Add enough lighting to all the areas in your warehouse, especially the isles, so that your employees can see where they need to go and forklifts can drive through easily between isles.


Other Benefits of Installing a Racking System in Your Warehouse

Apart from the health and safety benefits of a racking and shelving system, extra space is also created for your warehouse. When properly used, the shelving system helps to avoid clutter in your workspace. When it comes to the cost, racking or shelving systems are a cost-effective way of making additional space in your warehouse.


Choose the Right Shelving and Racking Systems for You

Shelving systems can be aesthetically pleasing and attractive, creating a neat and professional look to your warehouse. With a great choice of style and colours, you can increase the productivity of your warehouse significantly. The shelving systems also come in different sizes, types and materials.

You can choose a shelving system that matches your entire interior design along with various types of racking boxes. You can also easily adjust and remove shelving systems if you do not need them anymore. Even if you wish to rearrange the entire warehouse, you can do so with ease.

There are various shelving options available, but the two main styles are as follows:

Industrial Shelving Units- This particular industrial shelving is typically used for storing a large amount of stock or items on the shelves in an organised and easily accessible shelving system.

Generally, this type of shelving system is meant for heavy industrial purposes as they are made from sturdy materials. They are strong enough to support huge and heavy objects. Such shelving units are ideal if you want to store products which need to be easily accessible.

Office or Home Shelving Units – Office shelving units can be used in the workplace or for home office shelving usage. They are steel shelves coated with antibacterial white powder to protect them from rusting and losing colour. With a wide range of designs from open cantilever design with adjustable feet space to open or glad design, you can find the perfect shelving solution to fit your needs.


Inexpensive Solutions For Racking Or Shelving Systems

When it comes to purchasing inexpensive shelving solutions for your warehouse, GForce offer a variety of shelves and box racking solutions. We are a trusted and reputable company selling only high-grade quality products which will stand the test of time and use.

Different racking and shelving solutions are not used for practical purposes but they are also designed to make the workspace look inviting and trendy. Opt for shelving and racking systems to keep the workspace organised and most importantly to ensure the health and safety of your employees. This will keep your employees safe and they will work more enthusiastically knowing that they are at the heart of your company.