‘Tis the season to buy Grit Bins, but which grit bin do you buy?


 Grit Bin

So it’s that cold snap time of year again, the weather forecast constantly asking the question, “Will it snow”? The answer is more often than not “who knows”, but you are better being prepared for the icy pavements and the snow filled car parks right? The answer is of course yes, but where can you look to find everything you need to have your place of business up to speed to cope with the wintery months? G-Force Europe.com. Read on to find out why our Grit Salt Bins should be top of your Christmas wish list.

 Grit Bins Stack

Despite being the best looking Grit Bins you’ll find anywhere, there’s a whole list of reasons as to why our particular Grit storage boxes make the perfect addition to any outdoor environment. Car parks, walkways, pavements and outdoor loading areas just to name a few, can all be heavily trafficked day in day out and come the winter these are prone to freeze over and cause hazards that we could all do without. You need a storage place for Grit or Salt that is hard wearing, long lasting and reliable, and that’s exactly what we offer.

  1. Strong and durable, completely plastic construction (no rusting!)

  2. Water tight and weather resistant (keeps out the wet)

  3. Grit Salt bins can be simply locked tight with a padlock (nice and secure!)

  4. Long lasting and affordable (quality guaranteed at a fabulous price)

  5. Inter-stacking design allows Grit Bins to be nested (great for saving space!)


Supertuff by name, Supertuff by nature. These extremely durable polyethylene bins are designed to cope with the harshest of weather conditions. Produced in our factory in the UK, you can be sure that you are getting a high quality Grit Salt bin that will not only provide years of reliable service but it’s modern sleek appearance just outshines all of the other Grit Bins on the market! The evidence speaks for itself.

 Grit Bin Roadside

Still not entirely convinced that this is the Salt Bin for you? We are currently running our winter free salt offer. That’s right, FREE! When purchasing 3 or more grit bins in either size we will throw in 100kg of de-icing salt absolutely free. Take a look for yourselves https://www.gforceeurope.com/grit-bins-200-litre-supertuff.html

Not only that, but we also have specially designed winter preparation kits to save you the trouble of looking for all those accessories. Each preparation kit comes with a Grit Salt Bin, a salt scoop and some bags of salt. The larger kits are also supplied with a shovel! Making spreading that Salt or Grit a piece of cake. If you’re looking to go all out on the equipment we also have a range of Salt Spreaders and snow pushers to make light work of clearing those car parks and drive ways!

All in all these Grit Bins offer the perfect Christmas present for any groundskeeper or facilities manager! Give our friendly team of experts a call today for further information, or if you’ve already invested feel free to give us your feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

Keep an eye out on our blog page for helps hints and tips for effective winter preparation https://www.gforceeurope.com/blog, be prepared this winter!