Food handling and food storage sorted with our range of food grade bins and mobile tapered trucks. With everything you need available in one place, why look anywhere else?


Colour coding has always been ever present within the food industry. Helping to provide the equipment required throughout the food manufacturing, food processing and catering industries, G-Force offers a wide variety of food grade bins perfect for the handling and storage of food products and ingredients. Manufactured from food grade plastics including polyethylene and polypropylene we offer a diverse range of food grade bins, inter-stacking containers, tapered tubs, meat trays, European sized stacking boxes, colour coded confectionery and bakery trays and so much more. With all of this available under one roof, there is no need for you to look elsewhere for your food handling equipment.

AC01 Inter-stacking ContainerRMSBD Plastic Dolly

Whether you are a small independent bakery or a gigantic food manufacturing plant, our incredibly tough and durable colour coded plastic trays and bins are exactly what you have been looking for. Starting off small, we offer a large variety of colour coded plastic containers suitable for bakeries and commercial kitchens alike. From inter-stackable tubs to confectionery trays you’ll find a host of food grade containers ideal for your food product and ingredient storage requirements.

Stocked in large numbers, our confectionery trays (bakery trays) and bread crates are available in a number of different colours and sizes. Allowing you to adhere to colour coding practices, the range of confectionery trays (bread crates) are available in 9 different variations, providing 3 different sizes in solid, semi-ventilated and fully perforated formats. For example, our 30183A confectionery trays are available in white as standard, as well as blue, red and yellow. The shallow colour coded plastic trays can be supplied in solid, semi-perforated (30183B) or fully ventilated (30183C). As with all of the other sizes, these amazing bakery trays incorporate a cross stacking feature that allows the entire range to inter-work with each other as well as our RM35DY plastic dolly.

Within our colour coded containers range, we manufacture a variety of inter-stackable plastic containers (ingredient bins) and tapered tubs (chip bins). The AC range of plastic stackingbins, AC01, AC02, AC03 and AC04 offer outstanding hygienic food grade bins, perfect for ingredient storage and food handling. Easy to clean, the plastic inter-stacking bins all share an identical base diameter so that each size not only inter-works with one another, but they all are compatible with our colour coded plastic dolly, the RMSBD. Fantastic!

Alongside the plastic stacking containers, our tapered tubs (chip bins / potato tubs) have been used throughout the chip shop and fish frying industries for decades. Available in an exemplary selection of 6 sizes, the plastic tapered bins are available in a multitude of colours to allow for colour coding. Incredibly durable and effortless to clean, the tapered tubs make for excellent potato tanks and flour bins (ingredient tubs), providing you with ample choice. All our plastic inter-stacking bins and tapered containers are also available with lids!

30183C Confectionery TraysRM50TR Premium Tapered Trucks

For bigger applications, where bulk boxes or mobile tapered trucks are required, G-Force offer a range of mobile container trucks that do the job perfectly. Available in recycled eco versions, we also have a range of premium tapered trucks designed for the food industry, perfect for food storage and food handling applications. From as small as 72 litre capacity food grade bins like the RM16TR, up to the mammoth 455 litre RM100TR plastic mobile containers, all of which are available in a plethora of colours. Our RM70TR plastic tapered trucks (dough bins) are a popular model throughout a number of industries, but especially within food manufacturing, offering bakeries and food factories a large mobile ingredient storage solution. Available with lids, handles, drainage taps and many more accessories, these amazing mobile container trucks can be modified to suit any application.

So, for all your colour coded requirements, whether you are needing colour coded plastic trays, ingredient containers, premium tapered trucks, flour bins or potato tubs, make sure you look up G-Force All of our food handling and food storage equipment is produced in food grade plastic, providing you with hygienic, easy to clean, durable food grade bins, trays and tubs to help keep your business going.