Euro stacking boxes cater for both the little fish in the big pond, as well as the sharks. No matter what industry you work in, in the UK or abroad, our stackable boxes are the solution for your storage and handling needs.

From factories to warehouses, restaurants to food manufacturing plants. The European stacking containers within our range offer exemplary storage and distribution attributes that you just simply can’t ignore. G-Force, specialists in industrial storage and handling equipment supply a wide variety of these plastic stacking containers a plethora of different industries across the UK and the continent. So what makes these Euro stacking boxes ideal for everyone?

The straight sides of the European stacking containers not only allow them to stack securely, but also provides them with a greater volume capacity. The plastic stacking containers are ideal for storage and distribution applications are commonly used throughout a number of industries such as warehousing, logistics, engineering, electronics, textiles, clothing manufacturing, factories, pharmaceuticals and general industry. The plastic stacking containers incorporate easily gripped hand holes, which make them simple to lift and carry. Their strong plastic construction also enables these heavy duty plastic boxes to handle heavy loads, even when stacked.

21013 Euro Stackers21014 Perforated Euro Stackers

Exhibiting a Euro standard size, the plastic stacking boxes are compatible with Euro sized plastic pallets, making them an ideal solution for use within distribution, imports and exports applications. The Euro stacking containers can be supplied with lids to help protect their contents and they can also be personalised with print. G-Force offer a printing service for the majority of our plastic trays and plastic stacking containers, helping you to easily display company or product information. For further details on plastic stacking container printing services, feel free to contact our sales team.

Commonly used throughout the catering industry, as well as food manufacturing, farming, horticulture, abattoirs and pharmaceuticals, the Euro stacking boxes are produced from food grade polypropylene. The food grade plastic enables the plastic stacking boxes to be used efficiently for food handling applications. Available in both solid and ventilated formats, the Euro stacking containers are easily cleaned and the perforated plastic trays offer excellent air flow to contents, which make them ideal for food handling and storage.

Engineering and electronics industries can benefit from the plastic stacking containers antistatic nature, helping to protect electrical components during storage. All of our European stacking containers are compatible with our range of plastic dollies, to enable easy, safe and secure handling of stacks of Euro stacking boxes. The RM91DY plastic dollies are perfect for the catering and food industry as well as other hygienic environments as they are produced from food grade polyethylene. Available in a vast variety of colours the plastic dolly allows for colour coding and product separation. These plastic dollies are also available in a recycled plastic material (RM91DREC), providing a cost effective option for non-food contact applications.

2A022 Euro Plastic Stacking Boxes2A021 Euro Stacking Containers

Available from stock for immediate despatch from our UK factory and warehouse, a number of the Euro stackers are available in a variety of different colours. To name a few, the 21013, 21014, 2A021 and 2A022 plastic stacking boxes are available in grey, blue and red.

So if you are looking for heavy duty stacking boxes that carry a Euro standard size, or Euro sized dollies to suit, make sure you come to G-Force