There is nothing greater than having a busy business, with lots of orders coming in. On the other hand, this can also be daunting, why not stay ahead of the game and equip your factory out appropriately.


G-Force know that in a busy laundry service you need moveable, durable, robust and easy to clean equipment. That is why we suggest our plastic mobile truck range, we have different sizes available in a range of colours with handles.             

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These are ordered by many commercial services in factories, schools, universities, hospital and premier league football clubs. We are told by our customers these have so many different uses and the staff find them easy to use with no strain.


If you are looking for something metal what about our Roll Cages?

Available in different sizes, with different access sides, and certain models even come in bright colours so you can always find them.

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At G-Force Europe we pride ourselves on the quality of all our commercial laundry products.


There are so many pieces of equipment required for a busy commercial laundry service, and we provide most of them. These include mobiles, roll cages, attached lid containers, trays, plastic lockers, pallet boxes and many more.


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