Are you looking to improve your surroundings, or replace the old with the new? Why not brighten up your environment and provide safe, durable and secure lockers to everyone who needs them. Please see below how we at G-Force can help!





We MUST mention our plastic durable, safe and secure lockers. These have been designed to provide everything you look for in a plastic locker. Different colour door options to separate different classes, years or student groups. Different style lock options chosen by you, that are all safe and strong. They can be stacked together, and they connect easily. We can provide them in groups and with separate stands to be lifted off the ground. These are a few images to show how good they will look in your facility.




We provide a fantastic alternative to the norm with our seating cubes coming in all the colours of the rainbow and in different sizes. They will make your inside or outside space look extremely inviting and exciting. Not only this but you will be at ease as they have been manufactured to be safe for anyone who uses them, they are a single moulded item with no joints or sharp edges. 


They are a truly great addition to any space.

Please click the links below to check them out;


Small locker LK1 / Medium locker LK2 / Large locker LK3

Small Cube / Medium Cube / Large Cube




Do you require a safe, and resistant waste solution? Our school bin range is the solution! We provide two options, a square and circular shape again in an abundance of colours. Our LBIN01 and LIBIN02 are made to be used both outside and in and with the constant thought of your pupil’s safety in mind.

Please click the links below to have a look;



At G-Force Europe we pride ourselves on the quality of all our education sector products.

Our Education range covers most of your everyday equipment needs. These include indoor and outdoor lockers, seating cubes, classroom, facility and canteen equipment. 

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