I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not a morning person. I am a night owl, not a morning lark and I knew this from an early age. I can’t remember ever enjoying getting out of bed. I never wanted to get up for school, nor college. It always takes me a good few cups of coffee to get my brain into gear every morning.  I tend to spend part of my morning procaffeinating. So, trying to get up when it is cold or icy outside, and I have to defrost my car windscreen, just makes it even more difficult to motivate my foggy brain and body.





Add to this the fact that my new car is a rear-wheel drive, and I am just starting to get accustomed to it not really enjoying being driven in rain or ice or any weather condition that isn’t dry, just makes the frosty mornings even more bothersome.



What is Going on With the Weather?

My reliable *cough cough* weather app that I check, says that in the next week we will have:

  • Rain
  • Sun
  • Wind
  • More rain



How very helpful! Rain I can deal with, as long as the temperature doesn’t drop below freezing then I can manage. I can feel safe driving my car in most conditions, but if the gritter is out on the roads of an evening, I know I am going to have an issue in the morning! Hopefully, now we are in April, I won’t need to salt or grit my own driveway! Having said that, it did snow four times in one day last week, so I don’t think anyone really knows what weather to expect. I remember looking out of my window at work and knowing my face turned into the surprised emoji  upon seeing the blizzard that was coming down outside. Then no more than 15 minutes later, turning into this one  when it looked like a summer’s day! I know we live in England but that was all a bit extreme!

An Added Issue

Another factor to add into my discomfort of different weather mixed with a new car is having a shared driveway. It wouldn’t normally be a consideration, except everyone else has 4x4’s and they don’t mind driving in snow or ice. Whereas my little 2-door convertible has issues. So now, I am being super organized a planning ahead…How?


I have purchased three things to assist with next seasons adverse weather:

  1. A scoop
  2. A bag of rock salt
  3. A little lidded bin



Let’s be honest, a private driveway has no requirement for a full-size grit bin, that would have been going over the top! I have stashed my haul in my under-stairs cupboard for when I have a need. My significant other obviously thinks that I am going completely insane, but if it gives me the peace of mind to be able to safely maneuver onto the open road, then call me crackers but I’m doing it! Also, he is another one with a 4x4 and a work van, both designed to deal with whatever weather is thrown at it, so that made his opinion completely irrelevant.


I think, for the last week, I have been a little obsessed with this hindrance in life. I mean, who watches YouTube videos about salt spreading by hand (I’ve included one at the end for your enjoyment)?! I do apparently.


Am I questioning the sense behind buying a 2-seater rear-wheel drive convertible? No.   
Have I done enough to attempt to plot against the weather? Yes, I think so!
Do I have any regrets about planning in advance or being prepared? Definitely not.
Is it just me that does these things? I’ll let you be the judge of that.


Next week; how to prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse!


Links and Videos:

Grit Bins | Salt Storage Heavy Duty Boxes & Spreaders | UK (gforceeurope.com)

It’s a Salt Throwdown! Spreading Salt Efficiently, By Hand | Ice Melt - YouTube