Operator Chairs

There are many roles within a factory or warehouses that are best carried out whilst sitting down, to prevent fatigue and provide optimum working conditions. At G-Force we offer a range of operator chairs and stools for warehouse and factory environments. Our range contains swivel chairs, stools, high seats and stacking chairs, with a number of different materials to choose from you can find the best option for your workplace. They work great with the workbenches and cabinets we sell.

Why buy Operator Chairs?

  • We offer chairs to suit different applications and budgets, ensuring you can find the most suitable option for your workplace. 
  • We offer chairs and stools that are suited to varied conditions often found in industrial environments. Choosing the right option for you application should provide you with a long lasting solution.
  • Having the correct seating in place can prevent workplace related injury and general fatigue.

Which Operator Chair should you buy?

In summary we offer a wide range of operator chairs providing options suited to many different applications. Our polyurethane swivel chairs are a hardwearing solution that will offer many years of use even in production or warehouse applications. As well as chairs we offer a range of polyurethane stools, all with gas lifts for simple height adjustment.

Our range of high seats and stools offer a raised position ideal for assembly lines. Our basic workplace chairs are a simple design offering a budget option available as a stacking chair or with a swivel mounting.

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