Trucks & Trolleys

Sourcing the right truck, trolley or handling solution for your site has never been easier, G-Force offer a range of different tapered trucks and trolleys to make sure you can find the right products to suit your application. We offer solutions for all areas of an organisation from steps and ladders to office and school furniture, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of quality products.

Many of our products are manufactured and sourced from the U.K, these are quality tested products that will stand the test of time.

Bottle Bins

Our range of bottle bins and trolleys are versatile wheeled tanks made from durable plastic. Also known as storage boxes on wheels, they are well suited to many different applications, with a wide range of sizes and styles to choose between. As an addition to the range we recently developed a robust plastic handle that can be added to any of the container trucks to provide genuine manual handling benefits.

Chassis Container Trucks

Generally speaking platform trucks provide a flat platform that can be used to easily transport items of different sizes and shapes. We offer a range of different styles to suit varying environments and applications. Ideal for warehouse or factory applications, these are heavy duty transport trucks that are non-corrosive.

Laundry Trolleys

Laundry trolleys are used in environments where clothes and garments need to be transported from one place to another. They are produced from easy to clean plastic with solid rims, it comes with detachable sacks allowing you to move goods with ease. They can be used as housekeeping trolleys or general trolleys to be used in warehouses and commercial use.

Heavy Duty Trolley

Our UK manufactured heavy duty trolleys are produced to high standards and will provide many years of ongoing use. They are made up of a robust steel frame with plywood base and choice of either mesh or plywood side panels.

Ideal for warehouse or factory applications, our platform trolleys can be supplied with the required amount of side or end panels

Platform Truck

Generally speaking platform truck provide a flat platform that can be used to easily transport items of different sizes and shapes. We have platform trucks in all sizes and shapes for you to find the perfect one for you.

Folding Platform Trolley

Our general purpose platform trolleys have a large platform and can be supplied with or without side panels. With a steering front axle and large pneumatic tyres, the general purpose folding platform trolleys are suited to rough terrains so can be used indoors or out.

Tray Trolley

Trays trolleys are essentially two or three tiered trolleys with shelves, cupboards or drawers to offer additional storage. We offer tray trolleys in a range of different, sizes, styles and materials to provide the perfect solution for your site.

Workshop Trolley

For industrial applications we offer a range of heavy duty workshop trolleys and table trolleys, built to last these units will stand up to the rigors of industrial applications.

Picking Trolleys

Our basic steel tray picking trolleys are produced here in the UK and can be supplied with 2 or 3 shelves. These robust well-made trolleys are a popular choice for industrial applications. We also offer a range of tray trolleys with removable shelves, this offers greater flexibility allowing the trolley to be configured as requirements change.

Plastic Dolly

For moving boxes and containers we offer a range of plastic dollies. Our plastic dollies are designed to suit standard euro stacking or stack / nest baskets. Whereas our steel dollies are made to order and as such can be produced to any size required. Dollies are a perfect way to transport containers both within an organisation and for distribution purposes.

For more demanding applications we offer a range of steel sack trucks that are made in the UK to high standards, offering higher weight loading capabilities, a choice of toe sizes, different designs and solid or pneumatic tyres. Our range of foldable sack trucks are produced in lightweight aluminum and can be folded down when not in use.

Folding Box Trolley

For lighter duty applications we supply a range of smaller foldable and extendable platform trucks. Our folding box trolleys can also be folded down for easy storage or transportation.

Sack Truck

A good quality sack truck is an essential piece of equipment for most organisations. We offer a range of sack trucks with different designs and styles to suit every application and budget. Our steel sack trucks start at a basic budget model suited to lighter duty applications and less frequent use.

Roll Containers & Cage Trolley

Roll containers are popular for use in retail, warehouse and distribution applications. These cage trolleys are available in two formats, demountable or nestable. The demountable roll cages can be de-assembled, saving space when not in use. The nestable roll cages nest together when empty to save space. Our ranges of roll cages or roll containers are available in a choice of sizes and specifications, with bulk discounts available for large requirements.

Hand Pallet Truck

For pallet handling we offer a range of different pallet trucks, both manual and electric. Pallet trucks are a familiar sight in every warehouse, enabling the easy and safe manoeuvring of palletised product. The manual range of pallet trucks includes a number of options to suit specific requirements, such as heavy duty models for heavy loads or low profile models for low pallets or stillage’s.

Pallet Stacker

Our range of pallet stackers offer a mobile platform that can be raised or lowered using hydraulics. With high weight capacities, pallet stacker can be used in conjunction with heavy items.

Gas Bottle Trolley

To lighten the load further we supply gas bottle trolleys and electric pallet trucks, these power assisted models take the effort out of moving heavy palletised loads without the need for a fork lift license. We also supply a range of manual hydraulic pallet stackers, which using a foot pump enable heavy pallets to be lifted, again without the need for a forklift truck.